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Van Hire


In the current economic climate, keeping your transport as cost effective as possible is vital. One way to do that is through shortterm van rental, according to Patrick Winter, of Bridge Commercials in Hillsborough. 

“We have found a huge growth in this market over the past three years,” said Patrick. “Customers who have just won a new short term contract and need a van for the extra work are increasingly coming to us to hire one for the duration of the contract, renewing the rental as and when business demands.

 “Another growing sector is customers who take out contract hire for a period of two, three or four years. There are added benefits with both these options in that the rental is a known cost that can be factored in to their original costs to protect their profits.”
Going down the rental route provides companies with total flexibility over their transport needs, large or small, and means they are only paying for vehicles when they need them and returning them when they are no longer required. “Our short-term contract hire prices are cheaper than conventional daily van rental packages,” explained Patrick, “and there’s the added advantage that the vehicles are regularly replaced so customers can be sure of getting modern, fit-for-purpose vans. “It’s not only van hire that is becoming more popular,” added Patrick. “A growing number of surveyors and site managers are now hiring 4x4s from us.” If a contract is long enough, Bridge Commercials will supply bespoke modifications as required, such as sign writing, shelving, power supplies and lifting equipment. For more information, telephone 028 9268 9000 or

bulletAvailability of vans, pickups, 4x4s, drop sides and tippers. 

bulletRegularly updated vehicles – you can drive a modern, reliable vehicle to suit your needs

bulletBetter vehicles - you could find that previously unaffordable vehicles become available to you with short-term van leasing.

bulletFlexible hire periods – vans can be hired on rolling 28-day contracts, which can provide great flexibility. 

bulletIdeal for fluctuating requirements – if you hire extra staff from time to time or your vehicle needs differ from month to month, short-term van hire can provide an ideal solution. 

bulletFixed cost motoring – short-term van hire allows you to budget for the period of each hire knowing exactly what your monthly outgoings will be.

bulletMaintenance packages included, as with long-term hire.